This show is approximately 75 minutes long with no intermission.

PRODUCER: Jessilee Windhaus
SOUND: Ben Reese


Choir Members

Alana Andrade
Alex Guerrero
Alicia Brimhall
Alicia Busse
Alyssa Al-Jamea
Ana Falalayev
Bev Childer
Caitlin Lavoie
Claudia Parks
Danielle Steiner
Denise Thiessen
Emily Kenna
Eric Rasbold
Erin O’Brien Skyles
Genevieve Carreon
Leslie McFadden
Lisa Luthra
Jacqueline Fostar
Jim Hewlett
Jessilee Windhaus
Katrin Escobar
Lauren Sage
Maggie Goldbar
Mandy Carillo
Margo Hollingsworth
Marino Castro
Max Falalayev
Natalie Peeples
Rocky Ford
Rosaura Unangst
Sarah Torres
Sumita Ram
Tresa Edmunds

Duo Headshot Laughing.jpeg

Director’s Note: Welcome to the inaugural Empire Pop Choir concert! We are all so excited to share the music we’ve been working on with you, and I am full of immense pride at what our singers have accomplished. This has been an incredible project to build from the ground up. A little backstory; I was about a month into being bored after completing my MFA degree when Empire Arts Collective approached me about starting this choir and I jumped at the opportunity to begin a new endeavor. Months of planning plus the support of some very generous and talented friends led to our public launch in November 2018, at which point we had simultaneous thoughts of, “Oh my god, we actually started a choir,” and “What if nobody signs up?” To our great relief and excitement, over forty people decided to join us on this adventure. Wednesday night rehearsals with this group have become one of the highlights of my week. By the time Wednesday rolls around, I’m usually on my third very long and late day in a row. However, working with this group of enthusiastic singers is so rewarding, and even if we’re exhausted when we leave (I know I am!), I think it’s safe to say that everyone is in a good mood. We hope you enjoy our first concert, and consider joining us for our next term! Singing is one of the easiest ways to lift our spirits, and we’d love to have you as part of the Empire Pop Choir. - Heather Waid


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